Avenu Consulting is here to help you influence public and government policy at all levels through education, engagement, advocacy, and relationships.

Government Liaison

One of the key components to moving policy & people forward is relationships. The right relationship with the right person can change the trajectory of your success, taking it to new levels. Through our network database, we can serve as a direct connection for our clients  with elected and government officials.

Public Affairs

When policies and issues arise that effect your company or organization, you need to plan, mobilize, and implement quickly. Your ability to respond quickly yet effectively is key to galvanizing public opinion and governmental action in your favor.

Clients need help in communicating nuanced messages to elected officials, policy makers, and those people and organizations that influence public decision-making. At Avenu Consulting, we work to help clients realize their public policy objectives, regardless of locale. We then work with you to create a strategic plan of action and a strong communications strategy centered around your policy goals and objectives.

Legislative Tracking

At Avenu Consulting, we understand that policies and legislation can impact your business or organization positively or negatively. We assist our clients with keeping up with policy and legislative changes at any level of government, then help them make their next move.

Strategic Planning

Avenu Consulting works to improve an organization’s policy position and achieve measurable outcomes. We work with clients to defines long-term and short-term organizational, policy, and legislative goals; builds key customer relationships; identifies key opportunities; and hone negotiating & closing skills.

Program Development

Avenu Consulting works with businesses and organizations to assist in getting their program started. We sit down with clients to create a  master plan for the client's organization. From strategic planning to foundational implementation to launch, Avenu will be there for every step. Avenu Consulting also provide services to current non-profits looking to revamp their organization.

External Representation

Sometimes a company or organization does not have time to meet with others within or outside of their industry to collaborate on governmental issues. Through External Representation by Avenu, clients can stay connected and engaged with others inside and outside of their industry.

Stakeholder Engagement

A large portion of the success of an organization is stakeholder engagement. At Avenu, we work with organizations and companies to ensure they have effective stakeholder engagement through ensuring stakeholders are up to date on company information, knowledgeable on policies and legislation, and active in the growth process of the company or organization.