Avenu Consulting offers a variety of services to help you accomplish your goals.

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From political strategy to volunteer organizing, Avenu Consulting provides you with innovative, yet conservative political consulting.

At Avenu, we take pride in providing you customized political plans that are unique to your campaign and political goals. We guarantee that your political campaign and messaging will stay in line with your values & objectives.

Avenu Consulting offers the following political services:

  • Political Campaign Strategy

  • Campaign Management

  • Candidate Development

  • Political Campaign Plans

  • Candidate Prepping

  • Campaign Fundraising


Government Relations

Our job is to help corporations and institutions strengthen their brand and craft policy strategies that reflect likely trends in public policy decision-making and legislative action. Because our political consulting services and the relationships we have built, Avenu Consulting can deploy unique strategies to meet your policy and legislative goals.

Through our government relations services, we help clients navigate government entities, engage the public and stakeholders, stay knowledgeable on policies and legislation that affect them, and a host of other services.

Avenu Consulting offers the following government relations services:

  • Lobbying

  • Government Liaison

  • Public Affairs Strategies

  • Legislative Tracking

  • Strategic Planning

  • Program Development

  • External Representative

  • Stakeholder Engagement


Crisis Management 

When your or your business's reputation is threatened, you have no time to lose. The window of opportunity is tight, tempers are strained, and opinions are being shaped instantaneously, online and off, by every action you take or fail to take. When a crisis presents itself, we help navigate our clients towards the best possible outcome.

*If you are experiencing a crisis that needs our immediate attention, please text "CRISIS" and your name to 918-943-0514 for an immediate response.*