What Is The Strategic Candidate Master Class?

What is a Strategic Candidate Master Class, and most importantly, how can it make you the strategic candidate? The Strategic Candidate Master Class is a one of kind accelerated program, taught by the Avenu Consulting team; Charity Marcus, Matthew Lee, and Stacy Kamau, designed to help you set the foundation for your political campaign.

What Will You Learn In The Strategic Candidate Master Class?

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The Strategic Candidate Master Class will help you identify the who, the what and the why you are running for office; craft your unique campaign message; create an outline for your campaign plan, budget and structure; learn about various campaign and ethics laws, and more!

If you are looking to receive one on one advice and review, the Avenu Consulting team will be available for those who register in the Advance Master Class! After the conclusion of the master class, Advanced Master Class participants will receive a one (1) hour one on one session to review the class in detail and seek advice on their campaign.



Not only will participants receive professional advice on starting your campaign, but they will also receive 3 bonus items to use in their campaign: 

Campaign Start-up Checklist

Campaign Budget Template

Campaign Vendors List

Why The Strategic Candidate Master Class?


Do you feel like there is a special calling for you to be a “public servant”? Did you know since you were younger you were meant to be a leader? Are you fed up with the current elected officials and think it is time for a change? Do you want to run for office, but don't quite know what it takes or the best way to start? Do you just need a little guidance on first steps? If you answered yes to these questions, then the Strategic Candidate Master Class is for you!

Let's face it, campaigning in the 21st century is constant evolution of strategies and techniques. Not to mention, it takes a considerable amount of financial capital and time. With time being of the essence, the Strategic Candidate Master Class will help you fast track the foundational pieces of you campaign without having to skip over the important details.

Are You Ready To Take Your Campaign To The Next Level?

At the end of the day, the most serious and well put together candidates catch the eye of the voters. Being able to effectively communicate a strong message and get it out to the masses is the ONLY way a candidate is heard. Strategically getting your message out takes organizationplanning and money. Let us help you navigate through it!